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Getting Through Grief

Grief is something we all experience, even if it is not talked about frequently.

A lot happens all at once when a loved one dies. People to call, plans that need rearranging, and dealing with the up and down emotions takes time to process.

It's important that we remember to take care of our selves and go at our own pace so that we can be supportive of others, too.

Most of us have probably learned about the textbook stages of grieving and there are ways to stay grounded through it all.

I want to share eight strategies that have helped me personally get through the reality of a loved one passing on in hopes that it will help you, too.

#1 Support from friends and family.

Surrounding ourselves with people who love us can provide strength and peace of mind.

#2 Talk about it.

Staying silent and pretending nothing happened will only bury emotions instead of releasing them and creating space to move on. Reach out to a trustworthy friend or a professional who can help.

#3 Respect Yourself.

This is a time of mourning, of sorrrow and pain and transformation to joy. Give yourself the opportunity to feel the emotions and physical sensations you are going through.

When we feel hungry, we need to eat. We can balance the foods we are reaching for out of comfort with those that are healthy and rich in nutrients to satisfy our feelings.

When we feel like being quiet, we can be.

When we feel tired, taking a nap or doing some restorative yoga poses like forward folds or legs up the wall may help.

#4 Cry & Laugh.

Crying is a natural way to heal and so is laughing. Give yourself the time and space for both and notice the after-effects. You will most likely feel much better after a good cry or a laugh!

#5 Stay positive.

The way we feel starts with our thoughts and inner voice, so challenge yourself to think positively.

#6 Listen to soothing music.

#7 Keep yourself comfortable.

Do what makes you feel better. Treat yourself to soothing tea with lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Sleep with an extra soft blanket and pillow to hold. Wear comfy clothes that are meaningful to you.

#8 Breathe.

Take long, deep breaths in and out to ease tension in the mind and body.

What helps you get through difficult times? Leave a comment below.

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