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5 Reasons Smoothies Rock!

1. Easy to make. Throw everything into a blender and liquify. Voila, instant meal or snack!

2. On-the-Go. Pour smoothie into a “Blender Bottle” and take it on-the-go to enjoy at a final destination (running late for school or work, anyone?).

3. Nutritious. Filled with vitamins, nutrients, and fiber for a satisfied belly.

4. Weight Loss. Increasing the number of fruit and vegetables eaten in a day gives the body an opportunity to shed excess fat and water weight built up from stored toxins.

5. Fun! Experiment with different flavors by varying the fruits and vegetables.

I have owned a magic bullet and ninja blender, but the Vitamix is my all time favorite maker of smoothies & other lightning-speed, healthful recipes!

What's your favorite smoothie combo? Leave a comment below.

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