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Take Care of Your Bones

Make no bones about it. If you want to keep your body's framework strong, start early. Incorporating strength training into your weekly workout program along with a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D can help.

Weight-bearing and resistance exercises are the best for your bones. Weight-bearing exercises force you to work against gravity. They include walking, hiking, jogging, climbing stairs, playing tennis, and dancing. Resistance exercises – such as lifting weights – can also strengthen bones.

I made a video with some basics to get started with :

Remember, exercise is only one part of an osteoporosis prevention or treatment program. Like a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, exercise helps strengthen bones at any age.

But proper exercise and diet may not be enough to stop bone loss caused by medical conditions, menopause, or lifestyle choices such as tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption.

The National Institutes of Health Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases ~ National Resource Center recommends speaking with your doctor about your bone health. Discuss whether you might be a candidate for a bone mineral density test. If you are diagnosed with low bone mass, ask what medications might help keep your bones strong.

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