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How to Keep a Positive Attitude

More and more evidence from medical studies shows that people who keep a positive mindset have an improved quality of life.

To achieve and maintain a positive attitude, here are a few suggestions:

Stay present and enjoy the little things. Focus your attention on feelings of pleasure as the experience is actually happening and you will consciously enjoy it. Slow down and notice your mood while having a meal or visiting with a friend.

Practice gratitude. Thankfully appreciating what we have helps get through the day with even more appreciation.

Be mindful. Mindfulness training allows the mind to practice focusing attention on the present moment, accepting whatever arises. Being more mindful can help people become fully engaged in activities and builds coping skills to deal with both pleasant and unpleasant events.

Know your purpose. Having a mission in life, whether to be a good friend or better worker, can help provide direction. Remember to keep a regular sleep schedule, eat balanced meals, exercise enough and keep in touch with friends and family. Shifting your perspective when facing a major life change, no matter how painful, seeing it as a challenge with new opportunities.

Surveys have shown that older people report more satisfaction with life as they have aged. This is probably because they have learned to minimize the negative, accept limitations, and set reasonable goals.

The earlier in life we practice these techniques, the greater the potential is to sustain a positive attitude and impact the quality of life.

*I wrote this post pre- COVID. I decided to re- post because I think the values still hold true, especially now!

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