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Covid, Covid, Covid. How to keep on goin'

We are living in unprecedented times. You have heard it a million times.

If you are like me and have anxiety, the latest global news is probably not benefitting your health and mental well being.

The mindset shift that helps me get through each day is balancing the grief of what is going on by recognizing the hidden blessings of a new lifestyle. I'm not sharing this as a means of preaching - I know it is only natural to freak out and panic sometimes - at least this is what I tell myself as I unwind out of a nasty attack.

As a nine-month pregnant woman waiting to give birth to my first baby any day now, I instinctively know how imperative it is to practice mindful awareness and find peace and calm among the chaos. For myself and my family.

Some de-stressing activities that fill my day:

1. Taking time to cook and enjoy delicious foods. Try new recipes. Since quarantine, I have become more relaxed on our pantry items. Crackers, chips, bagels and breads plus baking staples are stocked every couple weeks. These along with fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. Allowing some comfort foods and not caring so much about every single calorie. As long as that is balanced with the nutritious ones, too.

2. Diffusing essential oils and sipping my coffee next to my SAD light.

3. Adding some movement into each day. Whether a zoom class - my personal favorite for motivation and accountability sake, plus the live aspect. Or a recorded YouTube video or Audio class from the MoveWith app. Many days I like doing my own thing and go for a walk outside - luckily where I live there aren't many people out and about. Stretching while Netflix is on. Breathing exercises.

4. Connecting with friends and family when I want to. Removing the pressure of having to talk when I would rather take a nap.

5. Naps

Above all, I think it is important to relax and rest in the uncertainty. Life has always been full of unknowns. Feel your feelings: cry, laugh, sing, dance - let your energy flow. We really are all together in this imperfect world.

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