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Apple Cinnamon Pancakes Recipe

Whip these together 1,2,3 for an off-the-cuff Saturday morning breakfast at home (or on-the-go. They reheat well in the microwave). These are packed with dietary fiber and sweet-but-not-too-sweet taste, and can help stabilize blood sugar levels. Plus, they only take a 10 minutes to make. Once you get the formula for a basic pancake down, you'll know how to keep these in menu rotation like the back of your hand!


2 servings

2 eggs

2 bananas, mashed

1 cup rolled oats

1 teaspoon ginger, minced

1 tsp cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla

pinch of salt

1 Tablespoon coconut oil, or alternative

2 Tablespoons nut butter

2 heaping spoonfuls granola - homemade or low sugar store brand

fruit for toppings- sliced banana, berries, unsweetened coconut flakes.. have fun and be creative!


Heat a saucepan to medium heat. In a medium size mixing bowl combine all ingredients (except the last four) well. Once the pan is hot, add the oil and pour the batter into pancakes. This recipe makes four medium-sized cakes. Flip when golden brown and garnish.



Trainer Cara

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