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Empowering Your Healthy Lifestyle One Breath at a Time.
Green Goodness
Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

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I liked how our sessions are tailored to exactly where I am emotionally, mentally and physically. Now I have a reachable goal for my health and I feel lighter and more confident about myself. I hope to continue this for my whole life!!!


Los Angeles, CA

Tying Shoelace

I've been working with Cara for three months. I lowered my cholesterol around 100 points! This was so important for my health because my doctor wanted to put me on a statin, now I'm at a low cardiovascular risk. Cara has such a calm approach. She has helped create recipes for me that support my active lifestyle, taste great, and are very nourishing. As a side effect, I've lost 6 pounds and am feeling great! I love having Cara's support because I find this health thing to be difficult to do on my own. I would recommend Cara to anyone!

— Melissa

Scottsdale, AZ

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