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Red, Red Wine.

Is red wine actually good for you?

It's a question on my mind since my recent quest to lessen / stop drinking alcohol.

There is a theory that polyphenols, compounds found in red and purple grape skins, explain wine’s heart-protecting properties. Another explanation stems from the fact that the Mediterranean diet, an eating pattern shown to ward off heart attacks and strokes, features red wine.

Personally, I love indulging in this principal.

I could probably live off of red wine and cheese if I had to.

But is it actually good for us?

According to Harvard University, moderate drinking — defined as one drink per day for healthy women and two drinks per day for healthy men — is widely considered safe. But to date, the health effects of alcohol have never been tested in a long-term, randomized trial.

Basically, more research is needed.

I'll stick to my, you only live once, so enjoy methodology when it comes to balance.

Until I get pregnant, of course!

xo Cara

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